The use of robotic navigation for electrophysiology procedures is rapidly growing. These systems enhance the capabilities of our electrophysiologists during catheter placement by giving them a level of precision and stability that is simply unachievable by the unaided human hand. This technology helps shorten procedure times and improve success rates, while reducing radiation exposure and minimizing complications. It is particularly valuable for complicated arrhythmias.

The Texas Cardiac Arrhythmia Institute employs several leading-edge robotic systems, and is one of just a handful of sites in the world where this wide breadth of technology is available. This allows physicians to select the most appropriate system for each patient.

As one of the highest volume users of robotic navigation in the world, the Texas Cardiac Arrhythmia Institute is at the forefront in the development and deployment of this life-changing technology. We also serve as a training center where physicians and laboratory staff from around the world come to work with the latest technology and learn the newest techniques.