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Your Nurse Navigator is an experienced cardiac nurse who is available to guide you and assist with questions from your first call throughout your office visits and procedures, and beyond. Our Nurse Navigators are:

Your First Call

Call the Texas Cardiac Arrhythmia Institute (TCAI) for more information about arrhythmias or to have your questions answered by a TCAI nurse. A call to the Center for Arrhythmias and Atrial Fibrillation connects you with a registered nurse specifically trained to assist patients who have a cardiac arrhythmia. The nurse will provide information regarding arrhythmias as well as guidance in setting up a consult with an electrophysiologist. All pre-consultation essentials will be clearly explained, including testing that may be required, the usual length of consultation, and what to expect when you visit with the electrophysiologist.

Before your consultation, your will receive a call from your designated Nurse Navigator, who will introduce herself and explain:

  • What has to happen before your consult (medical tests, medication tweaks, etc.)
  • What to expect during the consultation with the physician
  • Key logistics, such as driving directions, local lodging if you from out of the area, etc.

Your Consultation

Your TCAI electrophysiologist will review your medical history and test results. Typically, the electrophysiologist will confirm your diagnosis and discuss treatment options with you.

If your consult takes place in our Austin office, your Nurse Navigator will likely be there during the appointment. Regardless of your consult's location, your Nurse Navigator will follow-up with you afterward to make sure you understand your diagnosis and treatment recommendations. This is the perfect time to ask questions.

Your Treatment

Whatever treatment you select – from medication to cardioversion or ablation – your Nurse Navigator provides answers to put your concerns to rest.

If you select to have a hospital procedure, your Nurse Navigator will provide you with all you need to know before the procedure. After the procedure, the Nurse Navigator will meet with you and your loved ones in person to ensure that you know what to expect as you recover.

Your Recovery.

Your Nurse Navigator will continue to follow up with you for a full year after the procedure, helping you manage medications, and monitoring and continuing care throughout your recovery process.

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